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16.01.2013 - Renovatio is exhibiting at EWEA 2013 in Vienna
The annual European Wind Energy Association's event gathers from 4-7 February 2013 at the Messe Wien Center in Vienna.

07.01.2013 - Cobadin Wind Park 26 MW commissioned
Cobadin Wind Park 26 MW located in Dobrogea, Romania was recently commissioned.

06.08.2012 - Production licenses obtained in Greece
The first production licenses for our 2nd and 3rd medium scale projects in Greece were obtained.

09.07.2012 - First industrial-sized rooftop system installed
Renovatio Solar keeps paving the way by completing the first industrial-sized rooftop installation.

04.06.2012 - Vutcani Wind Park 24 MW commissioned
Vutcani Wind Park 24 MW located in Moldova, Romania was recently commissioned.

23.04.2012 - Sarichioi Wind Park 33 MW commissioned
Sarichioi Wind Park 33 MW located in Dobrogea, Romania was recently commissioned.

Pestera Wind Park - 90 MW - Dobrogea, Romania. Scornicesti Photovoltaic Park - 1MW - Olt County, Romania. Baia Wind Park - 17 MW - Dobrogea, Romania. Cernavoda Wind Park - 138 MW - Dobrogea, Romania. Singureni Photovoltaic Park - 1MW - Giurgiu County, Romania.

"By chosing renewable energy and supporting green investments, we can contribute to a cleaner present and a more sustainable future."
Dragos Constantinescu - Project Manager at Renovatio Engineering

"It works! With each functional wind turbine or photovoltaic panel producing clean energy, you know that the green energy choice works."
Andre Fraga - Member of the Board at Renovatio Group

"Whether it's sun or wind, nature provides plenty of both: an obvious choice which makes all the difference."
Gabriela Darie - International Development at Renovatio Group

"Every additional MW of green energy installed gives my day-to-day activities more sense."
Andreea Vatra - Chief Electrical Engineer at Renovatio Group

"Renewable energy is our future. Let us respectfully make the most of what nature so generously provides."
Linda Moczkowska - Project Manager at Renovatio Poland

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