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Romania - Wind

The Group's strategy for wind development on the Romanian market has been to focus on building a strong portfolio of medium and large size projects (ranging between 24 MW and 150 MW), which would be of interest for utilities, institutional investors or others looking to own and operate large and profitable renewable energy assets.

Up to 2008, Renovatio was able to develop a wind pipeline of 800 MW. An 85% stake of the portfolio was sold to EDP Renovaveis, the Portuguese wind giant. Currently, Renovatio owns a pipeline of around 500 MW of wind energy projects under development, owns and operates 17 MW and co-owns close to 350 MW with EDP Renewables.

Pestera Wind Park 90MW, Romania

Romania - PV

Renovatio's strategy for PV development in Romania targets medium size projects ranging from 5 MW to 7 MW. The company has managed to put together a portfolio that totals 100 MW. Part of these projects will be directly owned and operated by the Group's subsidiaries in Romania, while the rest will be up for sale to institutional investors.

Scornicesti PV Park 1MW, Romania

Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova - Wind

The Group's strategy for wind development in the Republic of Moldova is to build a strong portfolio of large size projects, which would be of interest for utilities, institutional investors or others looking to own and operate large and profitable renewable energy assets. The local specialised team has built up a pipeline of 350 MW to date.

Wind turbine


Poland - Wind

Renovatio's approach on the Polish market is green-field development of small and medium size projects, where the small projects will become a part of Renovatio's operating asset portfolio, while the medium sized projects are to be marketed to interested investors.

At the moment Renovatio is developing a pipeline of 100 MW in wind energy, ranging from 14 MW to 30 MW. The projects are being developed by Renovatio Power Poland, the locally specialised development vehicle.

Wind turbine


Greece - PV

Taking advantage of the favorable conditions in the country, Renovatio' s local team in Greece is focusing on developing a pipeline of 23 MW of small to medium size photovoltaic projects, adding to the Group's international presence on the pv market.

Photovoltaic panel


Portugal - PV

Renovatio has a local development team responsible for the green field photovoltaic projects in the area. The unit was constituted at the beginning of 2010. Displaying proficiency and taking quick decisions concerning viable business prospects, in a record time, they have managed to build a pipeline of 130 MW.

Photovoltaic panel


Bulgaria - PV

Renovatio's strategy for Bulgaria is to develop a pipeline of 10 MW, ranging from 1 MW to 5 MW. The aim is to produce a diversified portfolio which would prove attractive for potential end-buyers, while also having the potential to generate important revenue if included in the Group's operating assets portfolio.

Photovoltaic panel


Colombia - Wind

Renovatio has started a wind development operation in Colombia, with an office based in Medellín.

Renovatio intends to replicate the successful development model applied in Romania: greenfield development with a small dynamic team whose specialised competencies can deliver results against tight deadlines.

Wind turbine

"By chosing renewable energy and supporting green investments, we can contribute to a cleaner present and a more sustainable future."
Dragos Constantinescu - Project Manager at Renovatio Engineering

"It works! With each functional wind turbine or photovoltaic panel producing clean energy, you know that the green energy choice works."
Andre Fraga - Member of the Board at Renovatio Group

"Whether it's sun or wind, nature provides plenty of both: an obvious choice which makes all the difference."
Gabriela Darie - International Development at Renovatio Group

"Every additional MW of green energy installed gives my day-to-day activities more sense."
Andreea Vatra - Chief Electrical Engineer at Renovatio Group

"Renewable energy is our future. Let us respectfully make the most of what nature so generously provides."
Linda Moczkowska - Project Manager at Renovatio Poland

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