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Renovatio: a developer at heart.

Renovatio is an international project developer of wind and photovoltaic projects. With extensive expertise in identifying potential locations and in the full-scale development of wind and photovoltaic generating assets, Renovatio positions itself at the forefront of the industry for both wind and PV.

Target markets are broadly selected according to the following: the existence of resources, the energy-mix, the RES targets and the support schemes for renewables. Based on these criteria, Renovatio has established an active presence on the following markets: Romania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Greece. The Group has also established a base for development activities in Colombia.

Renovatio's dedicated consultancy and engineering unit stands behind all the project development initiatives of the Group, providing the necessary consultancy and technical support, as well as Renovatio's current and future interest for diverse renewable energy technologies.

Pestera Wind Park 90MW, Romania

Scornicesti PV Park 1MW, Romania


Renovatio: born to engineer.

Renovatio is an international project developer of wind and photovoltaic projects. With extensive expertise in identifying potential locations and in the full-scale development of wind and photovoltaic generating assets, Renovatio positions itself at the forefront of the industry for both wind and PV.

Renovatio Group has fostered a key internal Development Competence Hub to serve its international business activities:

Renovatio has an established presence and local teams on all the markets where the company is developing projects or operating parks. Nevertheless, the engineering team in Romania functions as a competence hub for the rest of the international platforms. With an experience of more than 800 MW of wind projects successfully developed since 2005 and more than 100 MW of PV projects, the Renovatio Engineering team based in Romania is a key enabler of development activities for the Group. The key engineering team supports and shares its know—how with the sister development platforms in Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Portugal and Colombia.

Turbine Foundation Cernavoda Wind Park 138MW, Romania

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Renovatio: pioneering photovoltaic EPC in Romania.

Renovatio's dedicated PV EPC team, Renovatio Solar, prides itself with having constructed the very first industrial sized PV parks in Romania: Singureni PV Park 1 MW and Scornicesti PV Park 1 MW. Renovatio Solar undertakes engineering, procurement and construction activities, providing turnkey solutions as well as maintenance services for the photovoltaic industry. The team has the necessary skills, the experience and the capacity to provide all services related to PV park construction and rooftop installations.

Pioneering the field, the team has gained recognition and experience on a highly dynamic market. The construction works in their portfolio range from small - 1 MW - PV parks to midsize – 7 MW – 10 MW – PV parks.

Planning and execution.
Renovatio Solar has the capacity and the appropriate resources to plan, engineer and build turnkey solar projects. Our engineers and specialized personnel know how to get the best out of a given surface, from the first evaluation to the installation of the panels and the construction of the solar park.

Operation and maintenance.
Our operation and maintenance services complete the integrated business solutions package offer. The Renovatio Solar technical team manages the commissioning of the solar park as well as the maintenance duties. The operation and maintenance services comprise the full set of tests, monitoring of the functional parameters and the actual operation of the park.

Asset Operation

Renovatio: an experienced asset manager.

Renovatio operates both wind and PV parks, for itself and for third parties, through its dedicated unit – Renovatio Asset Management.

Renovatio Asset Management has an inspiring portfolio of operational assets in wind and PV. The number of commissioned assets currently totals 9 parks, of which five are wind parks and four are PV parks. Out of the five wind parks, four are co-operated with EDP Renewables and one – Baia 17 MW - is operated solely by Renovatio. All four PV parks Singureni 1 MW, Scornicesti 1 MW, Corabia 7 MW and Izvoru 10 MW were developed, built and are currently operated by Renovatio.

Singureni PV Park 1MW, Romania

Pestera Wind Park 90MW, Romania

Energy Trading

Renovatio: a top energy trader.

Renovatio has its very own dedicated energy trading unit in Romania – Renovatio Trading. The company was bought back in 2009 to complete the vertical integration cycle Renovatio had embarked on.

The trading team is composed of highly specialized personnel, with significant experience and notable achievements. A team of just 14 people provides high quality services – energy trading and Green Certificates Trading - for more than 300 corporate clients annually. Renovatio Trading ranks among the Top 10 most important energy traders in Romania.

Renovatio Trading's energy trading portfolio is 70% carbon free including large shares of renewable energy, some of which is generated by Renovatio's own operational assets. The mix of in-house generation facilities and high trading competencies enable the company to offer competitive prices and reliable services.

Renovatio Trading

"By chosing renewable energy and supporting green investments, we can contribute to a cleaner present and a more sustainable future."
Dragos Constantinescu - Project Manager at Renovatio Engineering

"It works! With each functional wind turbine or photovoltaic panel producing clean energy, you know that the green energy choice works."
Andre Fraga - Member of the Board at Renovatio Group

"Whether it's sun or wind, nature provides plenty of both: an obvious choice which makes all the difference."
Gabriela Darie - International Development at Renovatio Group

"Every additional MW of green energy installed gives my day-to-day activities more sense."
Andreea Vatra - Chief Electrical Engineer at Renovatio Group

"Renewable energy is our future. Let us respectfully make the most of what nature so generously provides."
Linda Moczkowska - Project Manager at Renovatio Poland

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