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Who We Are

Renovatio is a leading renewable energy sector player, with a proven track record in wind and photovoltaic technologies. The Group's activities largely cover the renewable energy value chain from project development, through engineering and EPC, to asset operation and energy trading.

Established in 2005, Renovatio currently has an asset portfolio of close to 350 MW in wind energy projects and 21 MW in photovoltaic energy projects, some of which are co-owned with partners.

Renovatio Group Structure

Company Profile

Renovatio Main Financials.

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Business Model

The Renovatio Business Model can be defined in two words:


A dual concept incorporating an integrated business approach with the appropriate execution skills to fullfill the company's engagements.

Through vertical integration, Renovatio claims its competitive edge and assures its efficiency. Through its target specific execution skills and expertise, Renovatio ascertains its ability to attain successful completion of projects.

From the onset, Renovatio's goal has been to create and consolidate an international business that delivers profitable performance in the renewable energy sector. The company's integrated approach enables the efficient generation of added value and financial stability while producing valuable assets.


Renovatio Group is a professional organisation with a corresponding professional governance structure:

Strategic Committee
The Strategic Committee is constituted of stakeholders, independent advisors and selected members of the management team, while being responsible for the overall strategy, supervision and direction of future developments.

Management Team
The Management Team is a group of professional personnel with target qualifications and strategic experience in renewable energy and international business.

Renovatio Group has promoted a "cherry- picking" approach in the building of its specialised teams throughout geographies:

Specialised Local Teams
Renovatio counts around 100 team members across all its operations and business areas. The dimension and specialisation of the teams is always determined by the specifics of the particular market; the challenges, the time frame, the favorable conditions and the potential for business development.

"By chosing renewable energy and supporting green investments, we can contribute to a cleaner present and a more sustainable future."
Dragos Constantinescu - Project Manager at Renovatio Engineering

"It works! With each functional wind turbine or photovoltaic panel producing clean energy, you know that the green energy choice works."
Andre Fraga - Member of the Board at Renovatio Group

"Whether it's sun or wind, nature provides plenty of both: an obvious choice which makes all the difference."
Gabriela Darie - International Development at Renovatio Group

"Every additional MW of green energy installed gives my day-to-day activities more sense."
Andreea Vatra - Chief Electrical Engineer at Renovatio Group

"Renewable energy is our future. Let us respectfully make the most of what nature so generously provides."
Linda Moczkowska - Project Manager at Renovatio Poland

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