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Community Engagement

Hands of two children that plant a sapling together.

Growing a Greener Tomorrow: Renovatio’s Student-Led Tree Planting Initiative

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Through Renovatio Trading’s partnership with Uniunea Studenților din România, we’ve embarked on the “STUDENTS PLANT” project, embodying our commitment to CO2 compensation and environmental education. Why is this crucial? It’s about more than planting trees; it’s about awakening environmental awareness… Read More »Growing a Greener Tomorrow: Renovatio’s Student-Led Tree Planting Initiative
Hands of child painted in multicolored paint.

Art & Culture

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We believe in nurturing a world where art and culture thrive alongside technological and environmental advancements. Imagine a world where the harmony of jazz from Green Hours-Jazz Fest uplifts you, where the rich history of Romanian art at ‘The Friends… Read More »Art & Culture

Renovatio Sport Club

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We believe in nurturing young champions. Renovatio Sport Club, founded in 2012, is more than just a sports facility; it’s a cradle for potential and a hub of excellence. Renovatio Sport Club invites your children, aged 3 to 19, to… Read More »Renovatio Sport Club

Partnership with „For Gym” Foundation

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Our partnership with the “For Gym” Foundation is revitalizing the “Nadia Comăneci” International Sports Complex, turning it into a beacon of hope and health. This project isn’t just about modernizing facilities; it’s a commitment to reducing school dropout rates and… Read More »Partnership with „For Gym” Foundation