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Environmental Sustainability

Green Orchard Movement

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We turn every solar park into a thriving ecosystem. Imagine this: around each PV panel, a lush orchard grows, where every tree we plant not only enhances the local environment but also reduces our collective carbon footprint. Over the past… Read More »Green Orchard Movement

Driving Change: Our Commitment to a Greener Bucharest

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We believe in taking actionable steps towards a sustainable future. That’s why our Bucharest headquarters is leading by example, actively reducing the carbon footprint and reviving the city’s air quality. Imagine a city where every journey contributes to a cleaner… Read More »Driving Change: Our Commitment to a Greener Bucharest

Empowering Your Green Choice

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Imagine a world where your energy choices make a real difference. At Renovatio Trading, we make this possible through our commitment to renewable energy. Our Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates ensure that the electricity you use is sourced from renewable… Read More »Empowering Your Green Choice