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Development & Operations

We develop, plan, deliver, build, operate and manage photovoltaic, wind and hydro projects.

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Comprehensive Management Solutions

  • Operation and Maintenance Comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs with our complete technical, commercial, and infrastructure services.
  • Full Asset Management Experience seamless project success with our comprehensive operational management services.
  • Consulting and Optimization Enhance your business’s efficiency and growth potential with our specialized consulting and optimization service.
  • Monitoring System Benefit from uninterrupted service and peace of mind with our continuous monitoring, proactively preventing and correcting errors, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently.
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— Markets and Expertise

Global Reach. Local Expertise.

Embrace a greener future with Renovatio’s strategic approach in resource-rich markets. Our local teams are dedicated to maximizing wind and photovoltaic potential, ensuring you benefit from sustainable, efficient energy solutions.

Our global market presence is offering reliable services and eco-friendly power for a better tomorrow.

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What are photovoltaic parks?
Photovoltaic parks are systems that capture and transform solar energy into electrical energy through solar (photovoltaic) cells. We, Renovatio, promote these essential sources of green energy. By definition, a mega solar power plant can also be called a photovoltaic park.
What are wind parks?
A wind farm is a site that groups several turbines where the primary energy is wind energy, which produces electricity. As a rule, they are located where the wind is strong and/or regular.
Why do photovoltaic parks need maintenance?
The reliability of the photovoltaic park is obtained through O&M (operation and maintenance); you need maintenance of this type because you want to benefit to the maximum from the opportunities of producing electricity with the help of solar energy (renewable energy).
How do I make sure that animals do not enter the photovoltaic park area?
A fence will be built around all the equipment. The wall may include precautions to avoid injuring domestic or wild animals and damaging equipment.
How do I keep the photovoltaic or wind park in perfect working condition?
The removal of the vegetation around the photovoltaic panels can be done several times a year, and the preventive maintenance of the electrical equipment is usually done once a year. The photovoltaic park will have a dedicated access road and a fence that surrounds the property so that the landowners will not be disturbed in the case of planned or unplanned maintenance.
Do wind turbines produce noise pollution?
With the appearance of new wind turbine projects and technological advances, noise-related disadvantages have been eliminated. The sound generated by a modern wind turbine, placed approximately a thousand meters away, is the same as that in the reading room of a library.