Develop. Operate. Repeat. Excellence in renewable energy sources

With a significant international track record in GW installed, RENOVATIO continues to explore new territories and technologies.

Renovatio Solar
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We are present in Eastern Europe, Central and South-East Asia, Latin America

Renovatio started as a pioneer in engineering for wind farms and slowly grew into an integrated business in renewables. Founded in 2006, Renovatio expanded to the current configuration that covers business development and supporting services from the headquarters in Bucharest, Lisbon, Nur Sultan, Medellin, Bogota and Denpasar.

Who we are

At Renovatio we are focused on developing .renewable energy projects with increased efficiency. From EPC to operating and to energy sale, we keep the internal wheels of our organization moving to create more value. The need for support from both our clients and our own assets shaped specific businesses in each market.

We passionately looked across the globe for the windiest, sunniest locations and bright minds to go with. Our vision to expand matches our involvement in making a better life for the local communities.

15Years of Experience


  • 10 countries tackled

  • 2GW delivered

  • 178+ dedicated proffessionals

  • Vertically integrated

  • Focus on growth

Our core activities

The present investments are a vector for a cleaner future; therefore, we are committed to invest in renewables and we keep an open mind about all newcomers in clean technologies.

Our Core Values

At Renovatio we rely on hard work, perseverance and integrity and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple straightforward set of values that date back to the beginning of the company.

We mean business and we create lifelong value around it. When it comes to helping out, we put our best effort in improving quality of life for generations to come.

Setting our objectives really high is almost a company policy, but great pride comes with reaching them. When developing renewable projects, at first we had to overcome resistance to change, than everything else became possible.

Aurel Arion

CEO of Renovatio AM and Renovatio Trading, Romania

Our latest projects.

Renovatio plays a leading role on the two mature markets, Romania and Colombia in installing wind and photovoltaic farms and it also runs established companies trading and supplying energy in these countries. In Kazakhstan, the partnership with heavily experienced Otes brings a fresh perspective for the country, eager to implement more sources of clean energy. Otes Renovatio sets an example of how knowledge and experience in conventional power can be redirected towards the present and the future resources. Mexico and Indonesia are the newest additions on our map, promising a spectacular evolution. Previous endeavors took us to Moldavia, Greece, Italy and Poland.

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