Through the engineering, procurement and construction services offered by Renovatio Solar, PV projects are brought to the operational stage. The team has already developed, built and put into operation a big portfolio of large photovoltaic parks in Romania, among which, the first photovoltaic park of industrial size in the country (1MWp – built in 2010), but also with the first centralized system installed in Romania. Renovatio Solar was also the first company in Romania producing photovoltaic panels on an industrial scale. In 2010, our factory in Satu Mare used fully automated German production line.

Other Services


    Protecting and nurturing the environment is a top priority at Renovatio. The expertise gained in different countries and different renewable projects help us offer correct planning and development according to


    Renovatio e-charge is the largest public network of EV charging stations in Romania. We believe in the electric mobility future, thus we keep accelerating the investment in the infrastructure, while