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Energy that Moves You

Renovatio Solar

Take control of your energy bill.

Solar expertise

15 years of solar expertise, guaranteeing unmatched installations for your solar and battery project’s success.

Tech to take charge

Control your solar in simpler, smarter ways with an innovative ecosystem of products designed for your convenience and efficiency.

Always at your service

We’re with you all the way, providing dedicated support, performance guarantees, and 24/7 system monitoring

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— what we offer

All-Inclusive Services

Receive expert solar guidance and personalized solutions to enhance your energy efficiency and savings. Begin your solar journey with confidence in our expertise.
Explore cutting-edge solar designs tailored to your requirements, meticulously engineered for optimal performance. Elevate your space into a renewable energy hub.
Expertly sourcing top-grade materials, ensuring durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for your tailored, high-performing renewable energy projects.
Trust our proficient team for a seamless and efficient solar installation process, guaranteeing the highest solar energy yield for your property.
Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance
Benefit from our comprehensive care for your solar system, from its initial startup to ongoing maintenance. Ensure enduring peak performance and unwavering reliability for your solar investment.

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Developed projects

  • First of its Kind: 1MWp Established in 2010 Romania’s inaugural industrial-scale photovoltaic park, pioneering new frontiers in solar development.
  • Photovoltaic Panel Innovation: 50MWp/year Spearheaded in 2010 Romania's initial venture into industrial-scale photovoltaic panel production, utilizing advanced German technology at our Satu Mare facility.
  • Dedicated Expertise Strengthened by a team of true professionals, our projects reflect a deep development to solar innovation and technical excellence.
  • International Solar Ventures Successfully developed over 350 MW of photovoltaic projects globally, demonstrating our leadership and expertise in the international solar sector.
  • Global Footprint since 2008 Expanded our project development reach internationally, with solar projects in Colombia, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.
Starting an investment in renewable energy was a challenge for us. Together with the people from Renovatio, we successfully operated in a field unknown to us until then.
Scornicesti project
N. Matei
Experienced specialists, high-performance equipment, complete services. Thanks!
Corabia Project
E. Dinca
We worked with a team of professionals with a lot of experience in renewable energy projects, and it shows!
Izvoru Project
A. Streche
The Renovatio team supported us throughout the project. It's a huge win to have reliable help in an ever-changing industry.
Crevedia Project
B. Marinescu
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Man in the sun mounting a solar panel.


Save Big. Go Green.
Invest Wisely.

Unlock savings, embrace sustainability, and invest for success! Power your business with photovoltaic solar panels: lower costs, boost your brand reputation, and tap into long-term financial benefits. Choose a greener and more profitable future

Image of big robotic arms inside a solar panel assembly plant.
What Makes Up a Photovoltaic System?
Discover the Power of Photovoltaic: Our systems include efficient photovoltaic panels, one or more inverters, a sturdy mounting structure, and optional monitoring or storage equipment.
What Documents Do I Need for Photovoltaic Installation?
Go Photovoltaic, Hassle-Free: Our team assists with all necessary paperwork, including urban planning certificates, technical connection approvals, and building permits tailored to your system type.
How Do I Choose the Right System?
Tailored Photovoltaic Solutions: Whether for personal use or energy sales, we optimize your system for maximum efficiency and profitability, with expert guidance to find your perfect fit.
Who Buys the Energy I Produce?
Earn from Your Photovoltaic: For systems under 400 kW, your energy supplier is legally bound to buy your output. For larger systems, sell directly to different providers. Renovatio also offers energy purchasing options for your photovoltaic production
How Do I Maintain the System?
Efficiency through Maintenance: Keep your photovoltaic system at peak performance with annual preventive electrical maintenance. Renovatio's comprehensive operation and maintenance services ensure you get the most from your installation.
Can Photovoltaic Systems Be Customized for Different Building Types?
Custom Fit for Every Building: Whether it's a industrial scale project or a commercial complex, our photovoltaic systems are tailored to meet your property’s unique needs and structural requirements, ensuring optimal energy production and aesthetic integration
What's the Lifespan of a Photovoltaic System?
Long-Lasting Solar Power: Our photovoltaic systems are designed for longevity, typically 25 to 30 years. Enjoy decades of renewable energy with minimal maintenance and consistent performance
How Does Weather Affect Photovoltaic Systems?
Weather Resilient Photovoltaic Systems: Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, our systems remain efficient and productive in various climates, ensuring reliable energy production all year round.