Our international teams have proudly developed over 2900 MW of wind and PV in countries like Romania, Colombia, Moldova, Poland and the number keeps on growing by the day. Part of the projects were successfully delivered to third parties, and others continue to belong to Renovatio and are currently operated by us. One common trait of all the wind farms and PV farms that we develop, is that they consistently achieve high-capacity factors.
The 882 MW of wind projects that were developed by Grupo Renovatio Colombia and were awarded a PPA in the Government auction, together with a consistent pipeline of wind and PV projects, places the company as the number one developer of renewable energy sources in the country.

Renovatio teams have key capabilities in:

  • Project design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Wind measurement
  • EPC and procurement
  • Operation & Maintenance

Since 2003, we have developed

  MW   Country Status COD year
Pestera 90 Wind Romania Operational 2013
Cernavoda 1 69 Wind Romania Operational 2011
Cernavoda 2 69 Wind Romania Operational 2011
Albesti 28 Wind Romania Operational 2013
Vutcani 24 Wind Romania Operational 2012
Sarichioi 33 Wind Romania Operational 2012
Cobadin 26 Wind Romania Operational 2013
Facaeni 132 Wind Romania Operational 2015
Baia 17 Wind Romania Operational 2011
Pestera -Medgidia Sud 300 Wind Romania RTB  
Facaeni 2 132 Wind Romania RTB  
Tecuci -Negrilesti 40 Wind Romania RTB  
Pochidia 200 Wind Romania RTB  
Harsova 40 Wind Romania RTB  
Foton Delta/ Bailesti 4.1 PV Romania Operational 2013
Foton Epsilon/ Burila Mica 7.5 PV Romania Operational 2013
Potelu / Dabuleni 7.5 PV Romania Operational 2013
Cujmir 1&2 12.0 PV Romania Operational 2013
Studina 10.0 PV Romania Operational 2013
Vanju Mare 9.0 PV Romania Operational 2013
Crevedia 1+2+3 7.6 PV Romania Operational 2013
Corabia 7 PV Romania Operational 2013
Izvoru 9.6 PV Romania Operational 2013
Draganesti 1& 2 3.1 PV Romania Operational 2013
Tartasesti 2.5 PV Romania Operational 2013
Husnicioara 1 PV Romania Operational 2013
Singureni 1 PV Romania Operational 2013
Scornicesti 1 PV Romania Operational 2012
Other PV projects 30 PV Romania RTB 2012
Vulcanesti 180 Wind Moldova RTB 2012
Lodz 18 Wind Poland Operational  
Lodz 100 Wind Poland Developed  
Acacia 80 Wind Colombia In construction  
Camelia 250 Wind Colombia In construction  
Alfa 212 Wind Colombia In construction  
Beta 280 Wind Colombia In construction  


  • Joint-Venture with EDP Renovaveis, a global leader in renewable energy, (successfully commissioned 582 MW Wind and 100 MW PV in Romania)
  • 500 MW Wind pipeline transaction with EDPR in Colombia
  • The 1st wind farm financed by IFC and EBRD in Romania

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