“Our work is more than just about connecting a facility to the grid. Every time me and my team accomplish that, we feel like yet another step was taken here and now in the right direction”

Andreea Vatra


Romania is the market where Renovatio started as an engineering company, then as a developer and rapidly ramping up to a vertically integrated company that followed the strategy of producing renewable energy and supplying it to the end consumer. Today, we are a lead player on several fields in Romania, having expanded the team 10-fold and the business in 7 different groups.

Being a pioneer in renewables and e-mobility, Renovatio has actively contributed to improving policy and regulations on the market, through constant communication with state authorities and support for non-governmental organizations.
Integrating large wind and PV farms into the grid, we brought a significant contribution to the country’s target of 24% E-RES by 2020.

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Operational Asset
Energy Trading & Supply