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Growing a Greener Tomorrow: Renovatio’s Student-Led Tree Planting Initiative

Through Renovatio Trading’s partnership with Uniunea Studenților din România, we’ve embarked on the “STUDENTS PLANT” project, embodying our commitment to CO2 compensation and environmental education. Why is this crucial? It’s about more than planting trees; it’s about awakening environmental awareness among youth and demonstrating the powerful synergy of nature and students in improving environmental quality. Our joint efforts have already seen a significant impact: in five events across Craiova, Iași, Timișoara, Cluj, and București, 550 volunteers from 52 student associations helped plant over 8,000 saplings of maple, linden, oak, pine, and other species. By planting over 8,000 saplings, we ensure the compensation of over 192 tons of CO2. Partner with us and be a part of this change!

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