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Renovatio e-charge

Romania’s leading EV charging network.

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We’re all about making your journey smoother and more convenient. Whether you’re cruising through major cities or hitting the open road on main transport routes.

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Tired of the endless search for a reliable charging solution? Look no further! Our mission is simple: to make electric vehicle charging accessible, hassle-free, and, dare we say it, downright enjoyable

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Join us in the e-mobility revolution! Our driver community is where it’s happening. Let’s electrify the future together.

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18.554.031 kWh

charged in the network *

142.723.315 km

distance traveled **


charging sessions

18.125 tons

CO2 avoided ***

* between January 2016 – December 2023
** considering an average consumption of 13kWh/100km of an electric vehicle
*** considering an emission of 127g CO2/km of an equivalent vehicle on classic combustion

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Own an e-charge station? Let us manage it for you! Enjoy peak performance, increased profits, and worry-free ownership. Choose seamless service for superior earnings.


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Choose your ideal e-charge station from our selection, buy it, and relax. We handle everything else, ensuring flawless operation and unmatched service excellence

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— International Involvement – EU Projects

Powering Road Trips.
Electrifying Europe.

  • Expanding Beyond Borders Proudly at the forefront of European innovation, our EU projects are sparking a greener, more interconnected future.
  • Charging Ahead with EU Support Experience the power of progress! Our collaboration with EU initiatives is turbocharging the development of Romania’s national EV network. We’re connecting high-density cities and key transport routes, including two vital Pan-European corridors.
  • Driving Unity, One Charge at a Time Our mission transcends borders. By connecting Romania with our European neighbors, we’re crafting a community. Travel seamlessly across Europe, powered by our fast-growing and continuously improving EV charging network.
  • Sustainable, Smart, Synched With Renovatio e-charge and EU backing, witness the fusion of sustainability and technology. Our network is evolving: smarter, cleaner, and more efficient. Partner with us in this electrifying journey towards an inter-connected, eco-friendly Europe!
Charging station for electric cars.
To whom are the two tariffs addressed?
The AC tariff is addressed to all electric vehicles (100% electric and hybrid plug-in), compatible with the type2 loading standard. It applies to all normal loading stations (AC), both independent and in the AC part of the fast stations, regardless of the installed power of the stations.
The DC tariff is addressed to electric vehicles compatible with CCS and CHAdeMO standards. It is applied to all fast charging stations (DC), regardless of their installed power.
Charging unit (CU). Why not kWh?
The charging of electric vehicle accumulators is not considered energy supply (according to regulations in force) but a service, made available to owners of electric vehicles. Consequently, it is not allowed to report exclusively to “kWh” as a unit of measurement of the service provided.
One of the pricing criteria for the charging service is the number of kWh with which the battery of the electric vehicle is charged. In order to have a reference, the number of units for each loading session corresponds to the number of kWh actually transferred by the charging point to the battery.
In which location does the charging system apply?
The fees are valid in all Renovatio e-charge.
Certain charging stations within the E-Charge network (both Renovatio and partners who have chosen to include their stations in the E-charge platform) may have special offers or different fares.
Which cards are available in the e-charge network?
At this time, there are 3 types of cards available in the e-charge network: RFID Renovatio Card, RFID Volkswagen Card, RFID WE CHARGE Card.
You will be charged for each charging session, depending on the location and type of card you have. For detailed information about applicable fees and other card details please visit
Where can I pick up valid cards in the e-charge network?
The Renovatio card is issued upon request. Please send us an email at and we will give you all the necessary details.
How do I use the cards in the e-charge network?
The Renovatio card requires registration in the e-charge application and is valid throughout the E-charge network. Details of the costs associated with the renovation of the Renovatio card are found at, fees section.
Why should I create an account in the e-charge application?
The only way you can use Renovatio network is by the app. In the app you will have access to real-time information about the network (type, tariffs, availability, etc.) and information about your charging sessions (date, duration, kWh charged, session cost *). You can use the application at any of the charging points in the e-charge network even if you do not have an active RFID card.
How can I make an account in the e-charge application?
Access the e-charge application and follow the registration procedure. If you need help, you’ll find details about register steps here.
Where do I find the information about my monthly costs?
You can view your account from the e-charge application, where you have access to all of your sessions history – the duration of the charging sessions and their cost. Find centralized information in the Application menu, “Payment” section.
Is it possible for someone else to stop my charging session while I’m not at the station?
No, if a session is initialized using the application or the charging card, it can only be concluded with the same card or user using the e-charge application directly.
What is the hourly program of the e-charge network stations?
At this point, all stations in the E-charge network are functional 24/7. There is a possibility that some partners may restrict access between certain hours in the future. You can view opening times for each location in part on our website or in the e-charge application.
Do I need my own cable to charge my car at e-charge stations?
In the case of fast charging sessions (DC – CCS or CHAdeMo), all e-charge stations are equipped with cables. For AC loads there are 2 ways: TYPE 2 socket or TYPE 2 cable. Only a part of the e-charge stations are equipped with cable. In general, we recommend that you always have your own charging cable (for AC charging). If a charging station has a socket or cable is detailed on our website or in the e-charge application.