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Electricity and natural gas solutions
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— Customized for Your Business

Add Value to Your Business

Unlock the power of 20 years of expertise for cost-effective, customized solutions. Our seasoned experts tirelessly negotiate electricity procurement to lower your costs. Say farewell to generic plans and embrace personalized savings aligned with your precise energy consumption patterns. Plus, we support 100% renewable energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions.
Partner with us, as trusted experts in the field!

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Reliable Gas Supply with Exceptional Service Support

The energy landscape is changing, and natural gas is the smart and cost-effective choice for all your energy needs. We bring you affordable rates, streamlined cost management, and natural gas in one convenient package. No more hassle. Just clear, detailed bills. Don't wait – seize the future today!

Why Change Your Supplier?

Utility Bill

Switch to a pricing plan that suits you and enjoy lower utility bills. Explore our flexible options designed to meet your energy needs.

Greener Energy

By choosing renewable energy sources you're taking a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Make a difference, now!

Exceptional Customer

Enjoy clearer, transparent invoicing and faster responses when you encounter any issues. We're committed to making your experience smooth and satisfactory.


Adapted to your business profile, our plans will suit your specific energy usage patterns and needs, such as time of use and fixed rates plans.

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— switch and thrive

Change Your Supplier Today!

Experience personalized expertise tailored to your unique needs. With the freedom to switch providers swiftly and easily, you're in control. Simply complete the form when you're ready, and we'll manage the transition for you. Seize the moment and empower yourself with the support of industry experts!

I want to recommend the quality of the services offered by the Renovatio company. Trading, which has given proof over time of professionalism, understanding our needs as a customer, and last but not least, identifying and offering the best commercial solutions. For these reasons, we decided to expand the current collaboration for another decade, starting with 2022. I, at this moment, recommend RENOVATIO TRADING SRL as a top energy supplier and natural gases.
Administrator Prestoagri SRL
R. Nitulescu
I want to mention that from the beginning of our collaboration, Renovatio Trading has shown promptness, professionalism, transparency, and, last but not least, always found effective solutions for our company, so we decided to extend the partnership from 2019 until 2032.
Administrator Armcomp SRL
V. Armbruster
Renovatio Trading Company has been the energy supplier for the Fildas Catena group since 2014.Up to this moment, the collaboration with this company is characterized by professionalism and seriousness, which entitles us to extend our partnership for the following years and recommend it to all the companies with which it will relate.
Fildas Catena Group
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Will I be penalized if I change energy supplier?
The process of changing supplier is free.
What is the procedure for changing the energy supplier?
a) The initiation of the supplier change process can only take place after the end customer has opted for the new supplier.
The supplier can be any economic operator holding a supply license from the territory of Romania, this service not being limited to a specific geographical area. The list of electricity suppliers active on the retail market can be consulted on the website, Consumer Info section, Economic Operators/Electrical Energy/Supply to consumers headings.
b) To conclude the new electricity supply contract, the end customer should transmit to the new supplier at least the following data: the address of the place of consumption, the name of the current supplier, the unique identification code of the measuring point/points written on the invoice electricity, the number of invoices due and unpaid until the date of notification, related to the electricity supplied, respectively network services, if applicable, as well as the data related to the absorbed power/quantities of electricity for which the supply of electricity must be ensured, as the case may be, other documents provided in the regulations in force.
c) After the end customer and the new supplier agree on the contractual clauses, including the electricity price, conclude the electricity supply contract.
The electricity supply contract concluded with the new supplier takes effect from the contract's termination date completed with the current supplier.
Is there a risk of interruption of the electricity supply when changing the supplier?
No, during the process of changing the electricity supplier, the continuity of the electricity supply to the place of consumption is ensured.
Who takes the steps to change the supplier?
At the express request of the final customer and based on the concluded electricity supply contract, the new supplier is obliged to undertake the steps necessary to complete the contract/contracts for ensuring the network service/services.
Do I need the consent of the old energy supplier?
No, the agreement of the current supplier is implicit, but it is conditional on paying the electricity bills on time and respecting the notice period.
You only need to notify the current supplier that you wish to unilaterally terminate the contract within the legal/contractual notice period.
Is the supplied energy green?
Yes, at the customer's request, the supplied energy is accompanied by guarantees of origin, attesting that it comes from 100% renewable sources.